Mini Bottle Personalised Gifts


Are you looking for a unique wedding favour or a personalised gift for an upcoming celebration? Let us take the hassle out of making that decision.

Our 40ml ports can be personalised for your wedding or celebration of any kind with 3-bottle gift packs also available.

Choose from six styles of fortified wines:

  • Dark Plum No. 1
  • Summer Berry No. 2
  • Boysenberry No. 3
  • Dark Muscat No. 4
  • Mulberry No. 5
  • Apple Vanilla No. 6

or our

  • Chocolate Liqueur
  • Liquorice Liqueur

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19% – 20%

Please note

We are happy to meet your individual requirements. For further information, please contact us.

We use fresh local seasonal produce where possible and are committed to supporting Western Australian farming families to produce our hand-crafted award-winning products here at the Berry Farm.

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