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Berry Farm Scones

One scone served with Berry Farm Strawberry Jam and fresh whipped cream
Two scones $9.50

Boysenberry Pie

Homemade shortcrust pastry, filled with plump boysenberries, served with berry coulis and fresh whipped cream
+ Scoop of icecream $2.00

Berry Farm Cakes

Daily Prices
Please see our display fridge for our homemade cakes and desserts

Local Turkish Bread

Served with Berry Farm Dukkah, Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Berry Farm Balsamic Vinegar

Adults Icecream

Three scoops of vanilla icecream served with your choice of Berry Farm Liqueur

Berry Farm Pancakes

Two buttermilk pancakes, topped with vanilla icecream, fresh whipped cream and berry compote

Ham & Cheese Toasted Turkish Bread

Served with salad & Berry Farm relish

Berry Farm Sausage Rolls

Freshly baked beef & pork sausage rolls (4 pieces) served with salad, hand-cut wedges & Berry Farm Chilli Jam and tomato sauce

Seasonal Vegetable Tart

Open vegetable tart in a short crust pastry case, served with salad and Berry Farm Spicy Moroccan Chutney

Beef and Red Wine Pie

SW premium beef, braised in red wine, garlic and herbs, served with Berry Farm Indian Tomato Relish and salad

A surcharge of 15% applies to all public holidays.

Please place your order at the service counter. Please tell us your table number when placing orders (numbers are on the tables).

[GF] Gluten Free [GFO] Gluten-Free Option [V] Vegetarian [VE] Vegan [VEO] Vegan Option [DF] Dairy Free [DFO] Dairy-Free Option

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