Discover the best wineries in Margaret River (and some great food)


Posted on 16 May 2016 11:57:39

Discover the best wineries in Margaret River (and some great food)

Australia offers many delightful places for a holiday--whether long vacations and weekend getaways--but one that you may not have discovered yet is Margaret River. With its pleasant climate, this stunning region is good for a trip at any time of year. Summer may be too hot for your liking, although you can find plenty of gorgeous beaches and beautiful forests where you can cool down.

For wine lovers, though, the ideal time to visit the area is during the autumn months, so that you can take a tour of some of the Margaret River wineries, like The Berry Farm. With more than 120 to choose from, it'll be hard to pick out just a few, but it will definitely be worth it! And the bonus is that some wineries boast their own restaurant or cafe, meaning that you can dine out on delicious local cuisine while sampling some more of their excellent wines.

Margaret River Food

What's on the menu? Well, you're going to find many locally sourced ingredients, such as beef from local farms or cheeses produced in the area. Given the proximity to the coast, fresh seafood and fish make an appearance on many menus.

Margaret River Weddings

Couples planning their wedding and looking for an unusual setting could consider one of the wineries that offer wedding facilities. The bonus of such a beautiful setting is that you won't have to look far for the catering and wine list. But you don't have to be getting married to find an excuse to tour the best wineries in Margaret River - the sheer pleasure of sampling some of the fantastic wines produced in the region is all the justification you need for visiting! So plan your trip to Margaret River and enjoy all this lovely region has to offer - you'll find that one trip just won't be enough.


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