How a Map for Margaret River Wineries Can Help with Your Planning


Posted on 16 May 2016 11:46:34

How a Map for Margaret River Wineries Can Help with Your Planning

Margaret River is emerging as one for the go-to places for the best wineries in Australia and the surrounding regions. With over 200 wineries, there is so much to see and a lot of products to sample. Best known for Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon, Margaret River is an ideal place to go for wine tasting. Wineries range from lavish estates with acres of grapes to small intimate vineyards with gourmet products. Every product is a showcase of how diverse the region is and the unique styles of various winemakers.

There is so much to cover and planning a tour of wineries in Margaret River requires careful consideration. Everything is simpler when you have a wineries map to guide you. The area is approximately 100 km of fertile land that is the source of some of the best products in the wine and gourmet food market.

Find Wineries

A map of the wineries in Margaret River will show you the places to visit. If you don’t have a particular winery in mind, you can use the map to find the closest one. For example, if you are on a holiday vacation in a particular part of Margaret River, use a wineries map to find wineries that provide wine tasting events. It is also a nice way to pick up a new hobby. For a professional, you may already know the wineries in the region you want to try.

Find Places to Eat

When planning a wine tasting tour, you have to think about where you are going to eat. With the help of a wineries map, you can easily find wineries with great little cottage cafes such as The Berry Farm that serve delicious, freshly made food. Some wineries have restaurants or eateries, but some don’t. If a winery tour is going to take all day, then you have to plan for everything.

Find Places to Stay

Whether visiting wineries for fun or work, you will more than likely need accommodation. You can look for places to stay that are near the wineries you intend to visit. The region has some nice places that will offer first class services. You can also ask if a particular hotel or guesthouse arranges for winery tours in the region.


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