Five Simple Ways to Make the Most Out of Margaret River Wine Tours


Posted on 13 May 2016 17:54:33

Five Simple Ways to Make the Most Out of Margaret River Wine Tours

Planning a wine tour is difficult, but the payoff is enormous, especially if you consider yourself a wine aficionado. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to help you make the most out of wine tours in Margaret River. The next time you plan to go on a wine tour, keep these five things in mind to ensure you make your relaxation time even better:

1. Keep distance in mind

Many wine tours are guided, but if yours isn't, you should navigate from place to place by keeping the distance between each winery on your itinerary in mind. Even if there are several wineries clustered together, or one winery with several vineyards, the best thing to do is plan a circular (or otherwise looping) route and go for the farthest wineries earliest in the day, when you're full of energy.

2. Ask questions

Wine has a rich and storied history, especially in the Margaret River region. Asking the winemaker and staff questions about the wine, how it is made, and even about the winery itself can greatly improve your experience. When tasting the wine, you may want to ask which wines the winery recommend and specialise in.

3. Start early

Wineries can become crowded by lunchtime, especially during the spring and summer months. Getting an early start to your day allows you to maximise your time as well as avoid any crowds and rush hour traffic jams. An early start also allows you to have enough time for lunch at a picturesque winery, such as The Berry Farm.

4. Eat food, too

This is something you'll probably do regardless, as a matter of course, but at many wineries especially around Margaret River, such as The Berry Farm, the fresh produce and well-made meals deserve at least half as much of the time as you spend on wines. Eat well, and make the most of your dining experience too. This is also a fantastic way to experience the wine offered by the winery.

5. Slow down

This definitely sounds counter-intuitive when you've got tons of wine to taste, and one winery in Margaret River seems like it can't demand too much of your time. Keep in mind, however, the key to a good tasting experience is to savour it. Pace your wine tour accordingly so you thoroughly enjoy each stop.


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