Margaret River Wineries: Some of Australia’s Top-Selling Wine Types


Posted on 04 May 2015 14:24:15

Margaret River Wineries: Some of Australia’s Top-Selling Wine Types

Margaret River wineries are open and eager for you to drop by. The area’s winemakers and winery owners are no doubt some of the most interesting and charming people you will ever meet, and if that’s not reason enough to visit, then you should know that they often provide samples of their creations for a small fee or sometimes for free. Don’t know where to start? Check out the information below:


Red wine is king


According to, red wines dominated the Australian wine market in 2014. Previously on equal footing with white in 2012, red wine has overtaken its pale counterpart in terms of sales over the last two years. Shiraz and cabernet sauvignon are the most popular red wine types, followed by pinot noir, durif, tempranillo, sangiovese and more.


White wines remain a popular choice


White wines still have one foot firmly wedged in Australia’s wine market, though, and are quite popular amongst VisitVineyard’s female subscribers. Riesling, rosés, and alternative varieties have picked up in sales since 2012.


Sparkling wines are on the rise


The white and blush sparkling wine varieties continue to grow in popularity. Sales of this luxury wine type continue to exceed expectations despite a struggling economy.


Liqueurs and cider are starting to build a market


Many women seem to have a fondness for organic, preservative-free liqueurs and ciders. The latter, which had far from impressive sales a few years ago, has since become the anti-stress and lunchtime beverage of choice for a lot of mums. With an already well- established market, cider’s popularity could skyrocket with some winemakers discovering how to enhance the flavour making it easier to pair with food.


What kind of wine do you prefer?


Winery personnel are sure to ask you this question. It’s perfectly all right if you can’t answer them directly; indeed, many people who are only now developing a taste for wine will find it hard to on the spot. Yet even if you already have a fondness for a particular type of wine, don’t hesitate to try sweeter varieties and vice versa. A clever answer would be, “I enjoy different types of wine. What do you suggest I start with?”


Prepare for your visit to this acclaimed wine region by consulting a comprehensive Margaret River wineries map. Vineyards like The Berry Farm offer tastings from their purpose built Cellar Door offering a wide variety of sparkling wines and fortifieds including ciders and are sure to whet your appetite for wine by giving you a taste of what they have to offer. Keep the above tips in mind for a satisfying, well-informed visit.



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