Tasting Margaret Rivers’ Best Liqueurs at The Berry Farm


Posted on 02 Oct 2017 13:12:13

Tasting Margaret Rivers’ Best Liqueurs at The Berry Farm

Australia’s wine culture has come a long way, giving its people new mulled recipes and more enticing flavours each year. Both locals and tourists head down to Margaret River wineries and cafés to partake in tours, tasting events and gourmet affairs.

At The Berry Farm’s Cottage Café, we have our very own collection of liqueurs. They are just as oaky as standard wine but appeal more to the sweeter palate. In our selection, you’ll find luxurious and decadent flavours that make them the perfect addition to a cocktail, hot chocolate or your favourite dessert. They all contain a 20% alcohol and a vast array of naturally derived ingredients.

These are some of our famous liqueurs:

Liquorice Liqueur

You’ll enjoy the deep aniseed notes and the soft candy finish of the drink. Best served ice-cold along with whole coffee beans.

Choc Mint Liqueur

This particular liqueur has rich chocolate notes that leave a strong mint taste in your mouth after a sip. It's best as an after dinner palate cleanser or drink it as a dessert.

Blackberry Liqueur

Our Blackberry Liqueur was awarded Bronze in the Commercial Fruit Wine Category at the 2012 Perth Royal Show. Superb on ice, it boasts of a powerful blackberry tang that goes well with sparkling wine and cocktails. Have a look at our Berry Daiquiri recipe, as something you can try for a party.

Hazelnut Liqueur

Experience opulent hazelnut praline characters with soft lingering notes of almond and vanilla. Drink this ice-cold or infused into your cup of coffee.

Strawberry Liqueur

Rich and viscous, the Strawberry Liqueur is made from fresh Australian strawberries. If you plan to spoil yourself with ice cream for dessert finish off with this liqueur.

Unwind with us at The Berry Farm. Enjoy a splendid view of the garden while sipping on our finest wines and liqueurs. Call us on 61 89 757 5054 or browse through our website today.