Savour the Sweet Notes of the Berry Farm's Dessert Wines


Posted on 05 Jul 2017 15:55:22

Savour the Sweet Notes of the Berry Farm's Dessert Wines

Wine adds a sense of occasion to quiet dinners and long chats with friends. For special occasions, wines bring about merriment and warmth. As one of the best wineries in Margaret River, The Berry Farm provides unique wines that add warmth and bubble to life’s simple joys and celebrations.

You too can add zest to your dinners, time with friends and special events by completing these with our dessert wines.

The Luscious Plum Dessert Wine

The Berry Farm brings you a taste of Japan with its Satsuma plum dessert wine. Our wine is made with the rich, juicy plums of Nannup. This refreshing wine has balanced acidity and is best served chilled. What does it pair well with? Spicy Asian dishes of course!

The Fresh Fig Dessert Wine

Figs are frequently paired with wine, but this wine merges the two. We use our own grown black Genoa figs and mix this with ripe white fig flesh. Serve this wine to friends with a Mediterranean savoury taste plate and enjoy how festive your meal turns out.

The Invigorating Strawberry Dessert Wine

Like the lovable fruit, this Strawberry Dessert Wine is sweet with a touch of acidity. You can take in the wine’s fruity aroma when you open the bottle and revel in its revitalising taste. Enjoy this with a cheese platter, chocolates or any dessert. 

Dessert wines are some of the most historical wines, but ours come with a modern twist. You can pair them with dessert for an astonishing sensation. Or drink them on their own to complement any meal. The best part about drinking dessert wines made with fruit is that they’re rich in antioxidants, phytonutrients and plant phenols – just like the healthy fruits, they come from.

You can get a bottle for yourself or a few bottles to give to friends from our Cellar Door. While you’re there, sample the delectable products we made ourselves. We open at 10:00 am, but you can also order our goods anytime online.