Dark Plum Port


Posted on 16 Apr 2014 18:40:30

Dark Plum Port

What is Port?


Port is a type of fortified wine which has spirit added to it. The spirit used to be added to help preserve the wine, however this process eventually evolved when it was realised that adding the spirit added a distinct flavour to the wine. The spirit is added to the wine before it has finished fermenting. This kills the yeast which then produces more sugar, which is why a lot of ports are sweet. Fortified wines are also higher in alcohol – our port range is 19% alcohol.


The Berry Farm’s Dark Plum Port has been in production since the late eighties, and was one of the first wines commercially produced here at the farm. We use a traditional blending method called ‘Solera’ to make our Dark Plum Port. Solera ages liquids such as wine, port and vinegar by blending together small amounts of the final product that are different ages. This increases the average age of the wine. Whenever we produce a new batch of Dark Plum Port, we blend a portion of our ‘Solera’ barrel into it, which is now 25 years old! The barrel is then topped up with the new batch of Dark Plum.


We use Satsuma Plums to make our Dark Plum Port. Also known as the blood plum due to its dark red flesh, the Satsuma is a sweet plum with a little bit of tartness too – perfect for making wine.


A beautifully rich and smooth wine, The Berry Farm Dark Plum Port is perfect served after dinner with cheese.


Emma Holben


The Berry Farm